Saturday, April 14, 2012


I consider myself a crafty person. I like to make things, create, (even though I don't think of myself as creative) and personalize the things around me. My mom was crafty, so I think that's where I picked it up. The hobby that I'm the most thankful for learning, is crocheting. It's a cheap, fun, relaxing hobby in which I can make adorable handmade gifts for friends and family. A friend from college taught me back when I was a junior, starting with a basic scarf. That scarf sat half-way finished for a long time. That same friend re-taught me just a couple of weeks after Anna was born. This time, she taught me how to make adorable baby beanie hats. Since I now had an adorable baby to wear these adorable hats, it was easy to stay motivated to finish! :)

(Oh my goodness. Check out that little face. It's hard to believe Anna was ever that small!)

I've branched out a bit, making scarves and cowls and different kinds of hats, and am in the process of making my first afghan. This afternoon, I'm heading to a baby shower, so it was a perfect reason to make one of those adorable hats.

The baby is a boy, and his daddy is a HUGE Kansas Jayhawk fan.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk! 
(I have no clue what that means, but it's their team's chant)

Anyway, I found those colors in my favorite, Vanna's Choice soft yarn.

Changing color in every row, here's what I ended up with.

I LOVE it. It might be one of my favorites that I've made. Hopefully it will fit the little guy this fall. He's due at the end of May. Hopefully, his Mom and especially his Dad will love it, too!
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  1. You are so talented, lady. Love the colors! Very cute.