Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MDO, a 7 dollar shelf, and taking back the hearth

Every Wednesday, I participate in a program at church called Mom's Day Out. A group of 6 women take turns watching each other kids. We work in pairs, so you work one week and have two off. That 12 hours, of time without the girls. It's a precious gift. A gift of time, relaxation and productivity. Today was my day off.  So here's what I did! 

I FINALLY got some fall decorations up. I've been meaning to do so since labor day, but there were always  something else that needed to be done first. 

We are turning one of our spare rooms in the basement into a toy room. It's time to take back our living room!!! I've been on the hunt for a cheap bookcase/shelf to store some toys. Cheap being the operative word. I've scoured our thrift stores with little success. Our Goodwill is right next door to our grocery store, so I tend to swing in there, just to see what they have when I'm going grocery shopping. Finally, the other day, I spotted this shelf for 2.99. Not pretty, but sturdy and would do the job. On the other side of Goodwill is an Ace hardware store (convenient, right?), so I ran in there an grabbed a can of spray paint. I was going for a dark red. The closet thing I found was a shade called paprika. When I first started spraying, it looked BRIGHT orange. Not exactly what I was going for.

(sorry for the crappy cell phone picture)

Thankfully, it got a little darker as it dried. It still has an orange hue to it, but it's works. Look so much better, right?

A few bins from the dollar store... and we have a new place to put the toys. :)

I then moved all the toys that have been sitting on our mantel since Christmas. First they started out as baby toys for Molly. But it's grown to be a hodgepodge of random toys. I don't have a picture of just the hearth, but you can see what it looked like in the background of these. 

(Anna is skying with her grandparents, while lying on the floor)

(Sisterly love)

Today, I took back our fireplace hearth!!  Aside from the padded baby proofing strips, there is no evidence of kids now! It feels really nice. Adults need their space, too. Toys seem to end up everywhere here, even our bedroom, and I'm trying to put a stop to that. 

It was productive Wednesday. Now time to go get the girls. :)
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Frog legs and Turkey Fries

Have you ever eaten frog legs or turkey fries? Do you even know what turkey fries are? Me niether. At least not until this past weekend. Our friends invited us over to their frog legs and turkey fries party. Apparently, these things are common to eat in the south and some people consider Missouri to be part of the south.

Here are the frog legs before frying.
 And in the fryer.

And the turkey fries before hand.

And after. Did you figure out what they are?

Testicles. Yup, that's right. Turkey testicles. 
I am proud to say that I ate both. The frog legs were like fishy-chicken. (if that makes any sense) I can't really describe the taste of the turkey fries. Let's just say I only ate one. ;)

I had to get a picture of sweet Hudson. He was all decked out in Mizzou gear, including the hat I made for him. 

Molly made friends with Molly, the dog. 

It perfect weather, great company and interesting food. Thanks, friends!
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Paint, paint, paint!

We went to a Labor day party on Sunday at some friends home. They all sorts of fun things for kids to do, including paint! This was the first time that Anna has painted. I admit that many times in the store, I will pick up some paint, only to put it back because I don't want to deal with the mess. Anna loved it, and just as I predicted, created quite the mess.


She told us that she painted a kitten. 

After a while, she ditched the brushes and paper all together.

Showing off her colorful body.
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