Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bloom where you are planted

I don't know that I'm the best at "blooming where you are planted". I have some friends that seem to thrive and flourish no matter where they go. We've lived in Lee's Summit for four years now, and when people ask me if I like it, I always say yes. I do. But, I would LOVE to get back to Wisconsin some day. Being hours and hours away from family and friends is no fun.

However, God sure knows what he is doing. He gave Dan and I some wonderful friends and "family" here. People, that if and when we leave here, I will not forget, but cherish. This past weekend, I went out with some of those wonderful people. It was just what I needed after the sad few weeks we've been through. I laughed and smiled and had a great time. I came home even more thankful for them than before.

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