Sunday, September 9, 2012

Frog legs and Turkey Fries

Have you ever eaten frog legs or turkey fries? Do you even know what turkey fries are? Me niether. At least not until this past weekend. Our friends invited us over to their frog legs and turkey fries party. Apparently, these things are common to eat in the south and some people consider Missouri to be part of the south.

Here are the frog legs before frying.
 And in the fryer.

And the turkey fries before hand.

And after. Did you figure out what they are?

Testicles. Yup, that's right. Turkey testicles. 
I am proud to say that I ate both. The frog legs were like fishy-chicken. (if that makes any sense) I can't really describe the taste of the turkey fries. Let's just say I only ate one. ;)

I had to get a picture of sweet Hudson. He was all decked out in Mizzou gear, including the hat I made for him. 

Molly made friends with Molly, the dog. 

It perfect weather, great company and interesting food. Thanks, friends!
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  1. You are brave. Very brave! :) It is always so wonderful to get together with friends!