Sunday, July 28, 2013

Meet me in St. Louis, Louis...

But we didn't go to the fair. :) Dan and I had a quick little getaway this week. I found a really good Groupon for a nice hotel in St. Louis that was literally right across the street from Busch stadium.  We dropped the kids off with some friends on Thursday morning and headed east. 

Our hotel was the Westin.

The hotel was amazing. I took a bath and a shower, because I couldn't decide which one I wanted to do. 

We walked around the arch a bit and then enjoyed a great baseball game. The weather was unbelievable. For end of July in St. Louis, you expect 100 degree heat. You don't expect to get a little chilly at night!

The next day we ate an amazing breakfast buffet, went to a science museum and took a chocolate factory tour. You can imagine what my favorite part was. :)  

We were told the girls were great while we were gone, and that always makes it easier to leave them behind. It was short, but sweet. It was just the little retreat we both needed. 

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