Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 5- A healthy baby girl

I am VERY thankful today for the healthy deliver of a baby girl to my dear friends Jackie and Derek. Jocelyn Woldt was born this afternoon and mom and baby are doing great!

I don't have any pictures of Josie yet, (that's her nickname) but I have plenty of Jackie and I.

We've been great friends every since we discovered we shared the same birthday in college.

We discovered many other similarities, to the point of being scary sometimes, and have had many good times together.

I am thankful for our friendship and maybe someday our little girls will be just as close!

Congratulations Jackie and Derek! God's blessing on your growing family!!

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  1. Congrates to your friends!!! I love all of your pictures together too.
    Happy Sunday!
    Hey love your background - I'm going to have to chek out that site.