Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 1- A sleeping baby...

I created this blog to remind me everyday of how truly blessed I am. I know that God has blessed me more than I can even begin to describe, but I hope that through pictures, I can daily journal about just a few things he has given me. Many of my posts will probably contain pictures of one of my greatest blessings, my beautiful daughter, Anna. For instance, today....

.... a sleeping baby is a BIG blessing! :)


  1. Hi Angela- Welcome to the blogging world - look forward to seeing the pictures of Anna!!!

  2. Ang!!! Yippee for joining the blog world! You'll like it. :-)

    Oh, sweet Anna, you are TOO precious!

  3. Angela, it's such a great way to count your blessings!

    I gave you some awards today: