Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 30-36 - A great trip

This past week, Anna and I took a trip to Wisconsin. This was Anna's first trip to "God's country" :). We had a great time there were many great moments. Here is a brief summary of the last 7 days.

Meeting Great-Grandma Berg

Hugs from niece Chloe

Visiting with cousin Benjamin

Meeting Josie Woldt

Meeting special friends from Fond du Lac.


Mr. Westphal


Catching up with old friends and meeting their babies over a yummy coffee drink.

Starting friendships (or relationships ;) )

Sweet, sweet Josie.

Having all our kids together!

Meeting Carsyn Krause

Having fun together.

Having such GREAT travelers!!

Coming home to daddy!

Thank you God for a safe and fun trip!!!

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