Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 37- Modern Medicine

No picture today, but I think I had a good reason. I got my gallbladder out. Ever since I've had Anna, I've been having some horrible back spasms. They always would come in the middle of the night. Nothing would help the pain, and I would just have to wait it out. At first they were about an hour long, but they had progressively gotten longer and stronger. I went to a chiropractor, went through their rehab program, thinking it was a result of the extra weight of pregnancy, and carrying a baby around. Still, I was having problems. I had an MRI and X-rays of my back. They revealed only some mild degeneration. As time went on, I was also having some abdominal pain along with the back pain. Finally, after having a spasm that lasted over 7 hours and caused me to get sick, I decided I needed to see a doctor. I had an ultrasound done to show that I had gallstones! I was very relieved to FINALLY have an answer to what had been causing me soo much pain. I wasn't thrilled about having surgery, but I knew that it would be good in the long run. So, today they took it out. Thankfully, the Lord has provided us with smart doctors and modern medicine. They were able to take it out laproscopically (sp?), making only 4 small incisions. The last thing I remember was being wheeled into the OR. I was actually shocked when I woke up and found out they were done. I apologized for falling asleep and nurse told me I just had surgery! The surgeon told Dan that my gallbladder was more infected than they initially thought, so it was a good thing that I had it removed. They think that I actually started developing stones early in my pregnancy. I actually have pictures from the surgery, but I don't think anyone (besides my dad) would like to see that. :P

I'm feeling ok. I've got some strong pain medication and Dan is taking good care of me. It may be a few days till I get some more pictures up. I'm just soo thankful and amazed at how God has taken care of me and continues to do so!

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