Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 84- Stay at home mom

I've had a lot of different jobs in my life. I started out frying chicken when I was 15 years old. Since then I've worked at a gas station, Old Country Buffet, coached cheerleading, was a hostess at a restaurant, cheerleading camp instructor, cheerleading judge, worked at a preschool/daycare center, was a director of an early childhood center, a 4 year-old kindergarten teacher, a waitress, and taught music classes. (I think I got them all) Some of those jobs I HATED. Some of those jobs I LOVED. But none of those jobs can compare to the best "job" that I have right now; being a stay at home mom. Really, nothing is better than being able to spend my days with this sweet girl. 

Of course being a stay at home mom is hard work. Anna isn't all smiles. Sometimes she is like this. 

But those moments are easily forgotten when I'm given sloppy baby kisses. I'm soo thankful to be able to stay home and take care of my little girl!

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