Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 96- A crawler?

We've got a roller! Anna has been content to just roll from her tummy to back for months. She's been flirting with rolling from her back to tummy for months too, but just never quite would make it. I think partly because she was perfectly content to be on her back. Until this week. Suddenly, she's learned how to roll from back to tummy, and has been all over the place! I really didn't know if she would be a crawler, (before walking), because she never would be on her tummy for long and then -flip- on her back. Now I don't know... I could have a crawler on my hands after all. Here is some of her progression today as I sat in the chair and watched.

She started in the middle of the blanket.

And then head toward the mantle...

... made it!

Then did this for about 10 minutes.
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