Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 204- Where were you?

You've probably thought about where you were nine years ago today, when you first heard about the World Trade Centers. I know I've been thinking about it a lot. I was a sophomore at MLC. It was the beginning of second hour, and I was waiting in the LSC with the rest of my phy-ed class. We were doing a soccer unit, so we took a mini-bus over to the soccer fields a few blocks away. We were waiting for our teacher and the bus to arrive. A classmate of mine came into the LSC and asked if we heard what had happened. I had a first hour class as well, so I knew nothing. He said he thought we got bombed or something. I was a little shocked, but since there were soo few details, and no one really knew what was happening, I admit, I didn't think too much about it. I went through 2nd hour, not knowing what really was going on at that time. When I arrived at my room after class, I turned on the TV and was shocked to see the two burning buildings. It wasn't too long before the first tower fell. All day, there was a very somber mood at MLC. Everyone was talking about who was behind the attacks, what they had heard, what they thought was going to happen. I remember feeling very sad for the families that were affected, but not afraid. I had never once doubted that I would be safe here in America. I still feel that way today. I know what a huge blessing it is to live in our country. I'm mostly grateful for the blessing of being able to worship my God without fear. I remember wanting to do something to help, but what could I do? I knew that I could pray for everyone involved and for our country and our leaders, and I still do today. We certainly saw the devil's work at hand on 9/11, but we more importantly saw God's hand. We know that everything that happens to us, is for our good. Without that faith, there could be little comfort in such a terrible tragedy. Thankfully, God has given me that faith. I can trust in in him and not be afraid. 

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