Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 304- A new van!

It's a brand new car Van! (I couldn't help but think of the Price is Right when I typed that) Yesterday, we became a two vehicle family once again. (Thank God!) It's been almost two years of trying to coordinate with each other and one car. With baby number 2 almost here, it was time to get a bigger vehicle. Our small Ford focus is cramped with one car seat. Two would have been too much, especially for our long trips to Wisconsin and Michigan. Even though there are some nice crossovers out there, we knew we would love the space of a mini-van. Dan saw a great deal on this new 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan, so we jumped on it and bought it yesterday. We didn't realize how big of an ordeal buying a new car is until we were at the dealership for almost 5 hours. But, we are happy with our decision, and very grateful that we are blessed with such an awesome van!

Seriously, I LOVE it.

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  1. I remember my van days when the kids where little. Like you said - especially for traveling. ENJOY :)