Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead

Dan has been away at district convention in the sprawling metropolis of Waco, Nebraska since Sunday night. The girls have been doing really well for me, thankfully. That doesn't mean I'm not counting down the minutes until bedtime each night, but overall, they've been nice to me. To break up some of the long days, I had planned to go to a children's farmstead with a friend and her kids on Monday. That morning, I got an early text message from her husband, telling me that she was in the hospital in labor! She wasn't due for another 4 weeks, so it was bit of a shock. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy that day and God kept his loving and protective hand over them. They are both doing well, and he was released from the NICU this morning! It worked out well for the girls and I to stay home that day, since it had been a very busy weekend.  Yesterday, I was feeling brave and ambitious, and decided I would take the girls to the farm myself. I always hesitate to take them places by myself since it can be hard to keep two toddlers in tow. I was worried it would be a disastrous trip when Anna had a tantrum in the parking lot because I put her in the wagon, instead of letting her do it herself. (Miss Independent!) Thankfully, a threat to go back home calmed her down and she was fine the rest of the day. I'm so glad we went. The the farm had a ton of animals, beautiful gardens, and lot of things to keep little hands busy,


There was a pen of baby goats. Anna and Molly loved chasing after all the little goats, trying to pet them.

Molly had no fear, and was very excited to touch them!

She was loving life. :)

This one thought her sandals looked tasty.

I was an unprepared mommy, and didn't have any quarters to buy food to feed the goats, so Anna tried to improvise with some rocks. The goat wasn't having it. 

They had bigger goats in pens, and the girls loved them, too. 

They also had some calves and a grown cow the girls LOVED. It must be the Berg in them. :)

We didn't stay very long. We could have stayed much longer if lunch and naps weren't a necessity. I'm sure we will be going back soon. The best part was that admission was free! I'm looking forward to taking the girls back with Dan. 
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  1. Looks like fun !!!! Good for you doing it solo too.