Thursday, July 12, 2012

3393 Miles in the Blue Van

I am finally starting to recover from our vacation and getting back into the swing of things. It didn't help that Dan went out of town for three days, a day after we got home. Here's a glimpse of our trip!

We took a little trip to my Grandma and Aunt and Uncles' farm. We were hoping to catch my Grandma, but she was attending a funeral. We still looked around at some of the huge renovations taking place on the farm. They are installing a robotic milker! (and bunch of other improvements) My Uncle Jeff suffers from MS, so this is going to make farming much easier for him and his family.

Of course we had to stop and see some cows. 

I love the landscape in Barre Mills. 

Molly got right up close with those cows! She loved it.

Then we headed over to Dan's sister's house. Dan's brother from California and Dan's parents were also there. Anna and Molly got some quality time with their cousins and aunts and uncles.

We visited a nearby farm. My niece, Greta, has no fear. She held this chicken with no hesitation!

Of course Anna sat in poop.

Anna-2, Molly-1, William-3, Henry-8 months, Greta-2


Anna loved their dog, Martini. My Dad and Peggy also have a golden retriever named Ginger who she loves as well. 

On Thursday, Dan and I left the girls and started our journey to Georgia! We stopped in Nashville the first night and went to a couple of bars. This bar has dollar bills that people write on taped all over their walls.

These are our good friends and travel companions, Cassie and Jeremy Husby.

A good friend of ours who is a pastor in a suburb of Atlanta was getting married and Dan was a groomsman. Here we are before the wedding.

Jeremy, Dan (the groom), and Dan.

It was HOT everywhere we went, but it was especially bad this day, because the reception was outdoors!

The wedding favors were fans. Dan was trying to cool off. 

After the wedding, we headed back to WI to my brother's house. The girls had been there the whole weekend. Here is my niece, Emma, showing off the afghan I made her. :)

We went to the pool a couple of times to cool off. 

Of course we attempted another cousin picture, and once again, Molly was screaming. 

Anna-2, Chloe-7, Ben-3, Molly-1, Emma-10, Aidan-6

All in all, it was a great vacation. The 3393 miles spent in the van were not that fun, but it saved us a lot of money, and could have been worse! We are happy to be home, but are already looking forward to heading back next June for my cousin's wedding!

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