Friday, March 9, 2012

Molly's celebration!

Look at me posting again, already! :)

Here's a little glimpse into Molly's first birthday.

This is while I was looking at Molly that morning, trying to figure out how she could be one year old already. 

Our mantel was decorated with her name banner and pictures of Molly each month of the past year. Her gifts from family are waiting to be opened.

Because we had church that night, we decided to celebrate at lunchtime. After lunch, we ate cake and opened gifts. It was a small "party", but kind-of nice that it was just us four. 

Her birthday cake. Didn't turn out quite liked I hoped, but I REALLY misjudged the amount of frosting I needed, had to run to the store again, and I think I finished it 10 minutes before we ate it. But the most important part was that it tasted good. And it did. 

Molly couldn't wait to get her hands on it. 

She didn't know what to think when we were singing her Happy birthday.

She LOVED the cake. Ate it like a pro. :)

Her face says it all.

Ready for presents!! Being far away from family, most of her gifts come in the mail . We wish they had been here to give them to her in person, but loved them regardless!

Even Anna got a little gift from Grandma and Papa Frey.

It was a  little difficult for Anna to sit by and watch Molly open gift after gift. 

 They are checking out a new book from Grandma and Papa together. I think Anna liked Molly's gifts just as much. 

We got Molly a Leapfrog Violet. Anna has one and we call it her pal. Now Molly has her own that says her name and things that she likes. 

Molly's little "shrine" with all her cards on top of the mantel. 


  1. Looks like a great 1st birthday !!!!
    Happy Birthday Molly :)

  2. The cake looks awesome! Happy birthday sweet little Molly!