Thursday, May 3, 2012

The perfect evening

It was the perfect spring evening. The temp was around 70, Dan didn't have catechism or a meeting or anything going on, so after supper, we headed to the park.

The girls did their favorite thing, swing.  


I even hopped on a swing and pumping my legs, told Dan all about the "swing races" we used to have in grade school during recess. Apparently, he wasn't as cool as I was, and didn't swing for fun back in the day.

The girls ran and played on this unusual playground. What ever happened to the good old fashion ones with monkey bars, normal slides, bridges, towers and balance beams?

Molly, of course, had to taste the wood chips.

And Anna came along to help.

Dan was proud of Anna in her Michigan shirt. This is what happens when I'm gone subbing for the day, and Dan gets to dress the girls. 

We attempted a self-taken family photo. Not too bad for only three tries!

Dan and Anna played many games of "chase". 

Molly was happy to sit with mom and watch. 

While watching Dan and Anna play, I couldn't help but feel extremely content and blessed. It was the perfect night.

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