Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Naptime Woes

The past couple of weeks, Anna has been going through an anti-nap phase. Unfortunately, she figured out how to open her door. So we put up a gate, but then she was just standing at the gate yelling, "Mama! I need water!" You would think she was dying of thirst. Finally, I got one of those doorknob covers, so she can't open her door. Still, she usually is playing or knocking on the door. She still really needs her nap. Four o'clock rolls around and watch out, she is a bear. Or she ends of doing this:

Yesterday, she went down without a peep. (Of course then Molly didn't want to nap) Can the phase be coming to an end?? Please, please, please! I guess we'll see what this afternoon brings.
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  1. Story of my life, Ang! Si has officially given up nap, and it's a sad reality. Ha! BUT he goes to bed earlier, so that's a nice trade off. I always make him "rest" for an hour in his room so I can get a break, so that helps!!

    Sleep Anna sleep!