Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Let me tell you a little about Molly

My little Molly Jane has become quite the character. Her personality is revealed more and more each day and let me tell you... this girl cracks me up.

She talks all the time. Most of it is jibberish to me, but she does have some words down. Some her favorites include, "no", "yeah, yeah, yeah" (she says this when we ask her if she wants to eat), "all done?", "shoes", "mama", "dadda", "Anna", "nigh-nigh". She is walking, almost running, all over the place now. She loves to walk down the sidewalk. And when she walks, she kind-of swings her left arm in the cutest way. She's a climber, and I fear will be getting into more trouble the older she gets.

Last week, she picked up a stuffed puppy dog that we have, and suddenly became very attached to it. The puppy-dog and her nuk are her go-to soothers. She eat A TON. She will eat anything and everything. She will eat until we stop her. She bangs on her chair when she knows that lunch or supper time is nearing. She is SUPER ticklish. It doesn't take much for me to get her laughing hard.

She likes to wear this basket on her head. Almost everyday, she finds it, and plops it on her head and leaves it there for a half an hour. She is a good independant player... something her sister is not. Sometimes, I'll find her in Anna's room, just quietly playing by herself. I love that. Yet she is social at the same time. She isn't afraid to smile and laugh at people she doesn't know. Most of the time, she'll let others hold her as well.

She is a drama queen. Some days, the drop of a hat will have her screaming bloody murder. She has been vocal like that from day one. It has me a little worried about her teenage years. She loves to follow Anna around and mimick what she does. She loves to read. Peek a who? and a book about colors are her favs. We love our little Molly Jane, and can't wait to see how she continues to change!

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